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About Us

We have been working in upholstery for over 25 years, worked on auto, marine, furniture, window treatments, and slipcovers. However, our passion lies in motorcycle seats. We take great pride in making a beautiful bike just a little bit better, with looks. The only rule - Meet or exceed our customers expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have my seat?

If you do not see it available in the catalog, contact us with your information with year and model & close up pictures of your seat.

How difficult for the seat to install?

We have video instructions on how to install seat covers. 

What is the seat cover made of?

Marine grade vinyl and threads.

Can I change colors?

Yes, send us a message with what color your looking for and designs.

Do I send you my seat?

We send cover to the customer for them to install themselves.

Can I order sample?

Yes you can, We will cut a piece of vinyl your interested in, and send it to you for $5 each.

Available materials

Here is the list of different options for materials and thread colors. 

To choose color options after making a purchase, leave us a message for any change request.