About Us

We have been working in upholstery for over 35 years, worked on auto, marine, furniture, window treatments and slipcovers. However, our passion lies in the motorcycle seats. We take great pride in making a beautiful bike just a little bit better, with looks. The only rule- meet or exceed our customers expectations.

seat cover image sample


Our mission is to change the mindset of riders looking to customize their stock seat. Traditional riders have had only 2 options. Use the services of a local upholstery shop or send their seat in the mail to a custom seat guy. Of course there can be problems with these options.

A local shop might not have a guy who's good with motorcycle seats, headliners and truck seats are different ball games.

Sending your seat out can cause some problems. A shop changing their price once they have your seat. Holding the seats for months before working on them. And if you get your seat back. If it's not your liking. There's not much you can do.

Buying my covers gets around these concerns and obstacles. My covers are guaranteed to fit and most of my customers install their covers themselves and save even more.

If it seems too challenging, just take the covers to your local upholstery shop. The hard part is already done, they just need to put it on straight.

We offer a different path that saves the customer a lot of their hard earned cash.